How’s this?

SO I have never written a query letter to a literary agent and am struggling to make a decent one. Here’s what I got so far. Any advice?

Query Letter

I would appreciate your consideration for my 3200 word young adult, romantic fiction novel Angels Fall for Devils. The book starts with a misunderstood teenage boy drifting through life. A new girl at school changes his outlook just in time for his world to begin crashing around him.

Lucifer, the stereotypical outcast has an unforgiving background. His drunken mother leaves him to be the responsible adult, while being abandoned by his father leaves him with trust issues. To give his life some less than appreciated changes Marietta shows up. The timid new girl, that’s far too easy on the eyes, is noticed by everyone, including Lucifer. When Lucifer refuses to give her the attention everyone else does, she decides she wants him even more and she slowly tears down his walls.

Things in Lucifer’s life take a turn for the worst once Marietta ties herself to him. When Marietta’s sister shows up unexpectedly while Lucifer is with Marietta at her home, things begin the get complicated, on both ends. At first Lucifer is unaware of what is happening with his new until Marietta just disappears, leaving Lucifer behind. After a few months of Lucifer coping and falling into old habits his long forgotten father gives him shocking news regarding himself and Marietta’s life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to your response.

Sincerely, Jessica Wood

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