Black Fox’s kindness

The Black Fox found an old wooden bench in the park at the center of town. The orphans live here. Many of the forgotten children have camps in the woods made of fallen trees.

It was getting late but still, only one boy was up to give her some company. Eric was a seventeen year old who had taken a fascination with her. Eric sat in silence beside her whistling to an old crow perched on a tree a few feet away. The way his neck angled, The Black Fox couldn’t get a glimpse at his mood. His overgrown hair covered his eyes much like the girl´s own and his away any chance of grasping his thoughts.

Both remained quiet as a brave bird called out a solo. The girl seldom spoke while the boy was too nervous to ask too many questions.

The Black Fox pulled out a small pouch from her long brown overcoat. She placed it in the boys lap before standing up. He opened the bag and let a few silver rings fall onto his palm. The rings were a rarity and had promise for enough food for himself and the others that would last at least a few days.

He looked up. “Thank you.” The Black Fox simply nodded and began to walk away. His thin hand caught her coat and kept her from increasing the distance between them. She looked back and he was holding out a piece of bread. It looked hard and was probably a few days old.

She shook her head. “You need it more than me.” These were her only words. She turned away once more and left the boy alone on the bench.

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