I think I got it

I think I have finally completed a useful query letter 😀

Dear ( ),

I would appreciate your consideration for my 3,200 word young adult, romantic fiction novel, Angels Fall for Devils.

Lucifer grew up with little expectation. His mother took more time drinking than nurturing him, and his father had abandoned him before he could remember him. With his father hidden away, so was a deadly secret of Lucifer’s true identity. Unknowingly, Marietta befriends Lucifer on her first day. She had a job, find the devil’s son and purify him. Lucifer was meant to be a side project, something to use her reckless energy on. She never planned on falling for him, nor had he expected the pest to become so important to him. Marietta’s secret life begins conflicting with Lucifer’s unknown destiny, when Marietta’s sister shows up, pinning Lucifer as the wanted devil. In reaction, Marietta returns home, leaving Lucifer behind, ignorant of what was happening behind the scenes. After a few months, Lucifer’s absent father returns, a gives Lucifer the shocking news. He was the devil that fell for the angel. As Lucifer learns the truth, Marietta speaks with the Queen Angel, who sets up a final fight between the star-cross lovers. In the end the two destroy each other, going out together in peace, finally saying the three bitter words.

This is my my second submission for a novel, and will hopefully be my first success. I graduated high school June, 2013. After graduation, I earned my Cosmetology license for Vermont and now work full time doing hair.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to your response.

Sincerely, Jessica Wood

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