Fight for Survival

Black Fox waved in and out of the crowds. Young children stayed tight to their mothers sides, glued permanently until they left the danger. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a young woman being hassled by two men. The woman was close to the Black Fox´s age, but the men, the men were far too old. They appeared to be in their thirties. Disgusting pigs. The Black Fox took a few strides towards the trio but stopped short ten feet. She wanted some distance so their was no chance of her face being seen.

The uglier of the two men looked up and stumbled back. “It’s her! It’s the Black Fox.” The other man quickly backed away from the woman and gave the girl before them a once over. She slid her hands up her legs until each hand found its own dagger. She was prepared for their reaction. Just the same, both men grabbed knives from their own belts. Both charged her at the same time. The Black Fox spread her legs out to even her weight before she made her own move. She let the men come to her. The first was went to her left and went to strike from above. With one swift swing of the dagger she met the man’s blade and pushed back against him in time tn her left heel and sliced the first man’s arm as she ducked under his swing. She dove her free knife into him leg. Before pulling it out, she gave it a quick twist. Footsteps behind her were heavy and she turned to see the other man coming at her. The Black Fox side stepped, keeping low and crossed her twin daggers against his chest. At the pain, the man dropped to his knees his head reaching her waist. The girl stopped and spun, bringing her small fist into the top of his head. He dropped with a thud. The first one she took out was still down from his head injury.

The Black Fox looked around, but the woman was already gone. She simply shrugged and began her search for the man on the job description.

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