Marietta’s longing

It had been months since she had seen him. It was painful but, she needed their time together to pass and fade away, forgetting any feelings that had once burned strong.

The streets were empty and dark. Standing alone, Marietta reached up towards the burning sunset. The color red was slowly filling the sky as if giving a warning that something crimson was coming her way.

It was almost time for her to accept her undeniable fate. Her keepers would be coming soon to take her away, far from this world. Her sister had sworn that they would come when she informed Marietta she had a few months that she would be allowed to stay here. The months she had been given to live alone in this world away from him killed her.

Despite having full freedom, everyday was spent in a small motel room. During the day she sat inside and watched T.V. The only time she went out was at night, long after the sun had set, when she knew that she wouldn’t see any one from school. If some one were to see her and tell Lucifer, she knew he wouldn’t have been able to handle it.

“Lucifer.” His name felt lost to the quickly coming night. The broken angel stood alone with nothing left to lose. “So this is how it ends. So be it then. Goodbye, Lucifer.” Marietta closed her eyes. Tears seeped through and made their way down her cheeks. They were silent, bittersweet drops. It was time for her to return home. Darkness had come quickly as clouds hid away what was left of day light.

She heard footsteps behind her stop a few feet away. “Marietta. It’s time. Come with us.” The woman who spoke held out a hand. There were four more people behind her. They all wore black veils hiding their faces. The keepers. Marietta nodded and took the woman’s hand. There was a swoosh of air and the group was gone.

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