Letter to an old friend

How have you been?
How’s life going for you?
Have you finally gotten that perfect job?
I’m doing okay, still missing you like crazy,
Telling myself everyday it’s better this way.
I doubt you miss me though.
Your life has probably been the same,
My absence gone without even a ripple of effect,
Or maybe I’m wrong
The other day I swore you were looking at me,
Watching me leave with my coat on, my hat covering most my face
You watched me like you used to.
Eyes still grasping strong, holding mine in return.
But I still looked away, focused on finding my phone,
The one that used to buzz until two in the morning.
You always setting it off.
Is this even okay for me to be writing?
Should I even be going into this?
Maybe not, not definably not.
I made a promise to someone,
I promised to let you go and move on.
So why am I still writing this?
He said he knows I’m not over you.
How much I wish he was wrong,
I think Im getting there.
It doesn’t just as much hearing you laughing around the corner,
Knowing I’m not the one making you react that way.
I guess I wrote this to let you know I’m doing better.
Maybe that’s not true, maybe it’s for me.
I need to hear that I’m okay, that my choice was right.
I wasn’t giving anything important up,
Of that’s true, then why do I defend you,
People say your pointless, but I still say no.
I try convincing them you meant only good things.
You never intended to hurt anyone.
I’m starting to wonder though,
Who am I trying to convince?

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8 Responses to Letter to an old friend

  1. Jenny says:

    Omg you’re amazing. Let’s meet for coffee and tea.

  2. Jenny says:

    I think we should hangout u like really get me and I just don’t mknow im so happy I found someone who gets me like you know how to write to people’s like hearts

  3. Benji says:

    you are my hero

  4. prospermind says:

    Wow.. my heart has been touched by your words. Beautiful writing!

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