So this is something that I wrote about two weeks ago, maybe a little longer.
Something went wrong, I shot myself in the foot, but someone else pulled the trigger.

As an end result I found myself crying and filled with yet more, unbearable self hate- something I know so well.

The redone I am going back and working on it an posting it is a reminder of sorts. We all have those moments that breaks us down and those are the times that make us who we end up. So to value that, I’m going to still post it.

Is this what it comes down to?
An end to this vicious cycle.
Staring at your angry words, with nothin left to do.
What can I say, what would make difference?
Blame me for your mess, if it’s convenient for you.
Attack me from a distance,
Too far for you to strike back.
My apology doesn’t mean anything to you,
So why do I even bother?
Seeing you listen to everyone else.
My temper getting the best of me.
Let them call me a liar,
Label me delusional.
But don’t come running back when you’re the one whose betrayed.
Ill be too busy smiling like a fool.

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