Deep Breaths

A while ago someone told me that fighting with the one you love makes you stronger. At the time I had believed that, stupidly so. Thinking about that now, in a new fresh relationship, and s little older I disagree. For the most part anyway. At some point every relationship has a point that life gets in the way, or a simple mistake is made, one laughs at the wrong moment, smiles in the wrong direction. I’m far from an expert, my experience is limited but, I have to work with it, and that’s what im doing. I won’t get into the details, I probably won’t say what even happened, hope no me minds. I believe that problems re a fact of life, something me have to accept to someday overcome. Terrible isn’t it? I think that if its just mean, let it pass, breath deep and move on, if its a misplay on words, try to find the humor, it’ll help. But if its something defrauding, something that actually makes you think less of yourself that’s when you have the right to get mad, say something back- this how I used to feel, and still somewhat do. But, this is the most detail you’ll actually get, he didn’t let me just leave, he wasn’t too proud to apologize. It was a rarity for any person, everyone struggles to admit wrong, but he did. That’s how I know, how I’ve been proven hes worth every moment of my time, despite his own lack of faith in himself. That’s why I love him,

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