Hollow eyes refusing to leave the ground
As cold bare feet stumble through the quiet streets
Passing unknown strangers, you make no sound

Torn cloths catching nails at your ankles
Pulling you into the depths you were reborn in
Arms still weighed down to past life by shackles

Fogged memories full of answers and truth
A explanation for what you’ve become
Hiding in the shadows, looking in like a sleuth

Observant from a distant, blending in with the wall
Taking it all in with little connection
What is it that you see as you watch the sun fall?

No one has noticed the broken face,
Attached to the crumbling body of what once was human,
Once a living person, now lost without a trace

Five steps from turning the last corner
Before you go back to your hidden grave
You look back once to see what you were once former

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