So I started this for a competition, since I didn’t finish I’m sharing it and trying to decide how to continue it.

This love  would get him in trouble, far more than his hatred ever had.

It had already even a few months since they met. She played the part of the miss perfect, while he played the nobody.

Sure he had friends, but they were few and far between. Having her around hadn’t changed that much. She just gave him new company.

Checkin his phone for new messages, he caught a glimpse of the time; twelve past ten. She was late, again. It came as no surprise, timeliness wasn’t her thing.

Hurried steps sounded behind him, softly pounding the ground, sending tiny splashes in ever direction from the early mornings rain.

“Good morning James.” Her smile out shined the sun, scary any competition. She waved to him as if to make him stop, tho he was already still.

“You know, you’re late.” He looked down at her, exaggerating the four inches separation them.

“Sorry, but I couldn’t help it. I stopped at the market for a drink and the old lady needed help.”

He smiled at her, “Of course she did.”
It was another excuse. Why couldn’t she just admit that she lost track of time. It would be so much easier.

She spun around, facing the mall entrance, ” so what’s the plan for today?” Before he could answer she had a strong hold of his hand, and was pulling him towards the entrance.

He chuckled, letting he lead the way, already knowing their destination.

She stopped just in front of the candy store, eyeing the candy ropes.

“If you want it, go buy some.”

She let herself pout a little. “I can’t.”

Confused, he asked “why not?”

” I don’t have any money. You should buy me some.”

He stepped back, surprised by her demand, ” why should I do that?”

She turned away from him, “this is a date isn’t it? It’s called good manners.”

He shook his head at her. If she wanted something it was a date. If not, it was a convent meet up. Whatever the difference, he didn’t know. Nothing changed between the two, except for her being a demanding brat. “Fine, what color?”

She returned her gaze to him and smiled, ” I would love the cherry red please.”

After purchasing the candy for her they say at a bench, her happily chewing her treat, him silently watching her.

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