Random writing

So I started this and have no idea what to do with it or where its going, but I hope you enjoy it

The memory of her former life had been erased. Who she had been was a mystery. Like a dream that leaves you coated in sweat, with no recollection of what brought the fever on.

Perhaps it was best not to remember.  Remnants of the past could muddy the shallow waters of her new  meaning.  All that she had now was this feeling she awoke with. And the empty bitter  taste in her mouth, something  stale.

The darkened room she found herself in, laying on the cold hard floor, was dimly lit. Nothing gave a hint at what brought her here or why.

Slowly rising to her feet, shaky legs barely held her weight. Using the nearest wall, she looked around. Light seeped through a small window, barely big enough  for a small animal to squeeze through, a cat maybe or a rabbit. Cement walls surrounded her, matching the floors with the same unrecognizable stains. Musty air made it hard to breath, choking her with the scent of something rotting.

In the corner was a heap of old bones. Walking closer, she could see a cracked skull, with dried skin still attached. Rotted black teeth barely held on to the jaw.

Who was this person and why did they end up here?

Everything went foggy as nausea hit her. The cement hit hard as she dropped to the floor knees first, barely catching herself with her bruises hands. Dry heaving was painful but proved she bad been there for long enough so that she had nothing in her stomach. It had probably been a good day since she ate last.

She wiped the sweat from her face noticing for the first time the scars. They went perfectly around each wrist, thick like rope used for hangings.

What had happened to her? Signs of struggle marked her hand and wrist, punishment was deadly for those here. The body in the corner vouched for that.

A soft squeak came from her right, barely audible. When she took three steps in the direction the noise came from she found a black rat to be staring at her. If it hasn’t made a noise she would have thought it to be dead. The lack of movement made it look stiff, like a well made figurine.

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