Erg!! I haven’t ranted like this in a while, but hay the hell with it. I swear that id I get told one more time hat I’m lazy and don’t do anything I will fricken snap. I’m barely here, maybe three days a week, and one f those is my da off where I Abe to clean up after your lazy asses. I don’t eat the food here very often, I use very little electricity combed to your two dirty sons. Yeah I get it, its rent free, but I’ve offered and you wont  take it, save your money you say, no thanks, id rather waste it living ten minutes down the road than playing maid for ungrateful people. Okay, mom Yu ma occasionally say thanks, but only you. O hadn’t seen dad in three days, Instead f hey how are you, he comes n turns to me and asks are you actually doing something or just nana sit down  there, then  he leaves. Which actually yeah I did, did you notice? I did a load of dishes. It was disgusting, it was the same dishes sitting there from two days before I left to stay at m Bf’s. I do a loads, leaving a load maybe another half a load. I did that at noon, I left for work, no one would be home till 3, that would be you, then everyone else at Six or seven. Dad goes out for dinner everyone else gets pizza I come at 930 and everyone is asleep. I get up the next morning, this morning and what do I dins at least three loads in the Sink and on the counters. Wtf? The load I did was Still drying. Can no one do dishes? Then of course the Landry still covers the table an there Isn’t a new load hanging on the rack to dry, so ill catch up, cuz  hate coming home t this, but I know what will happen, two days ill be home and it’ll look just like It does now, mom here’s a hint, tech the boys to do Laundry, they’re 22 and 24 years old. And stop trying to say its all my responsibility. its ridiculous and tiring.

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