Too Late

Maybe if I write down those four letters, they’ll crumple away  with the ashes

Maybe then I’ll be fine just like I told you I was

Just like I used to  be, before you inked words out

Back when it was easy to be happy

I thought it would be okay, that I could handle this

You said it once, said it twice, said it for months,

Then took it away out of the blue, leaving everything numb,

How can a relationship last after that?

If one takes back their love, while the other falls to their knees,

Pleading for you to be joking, playing some little game

Now I go back and forth, wanting you, being happy,

Then pushed away, stumbling into fear of losing you

Trying to not love you, but still aching to be by your side

Wishing to feel nothing, just like you

When I finally say I’m struggling its too bad

If I’m not happy just leave, do you even care?

How can you just give up like that, not even willing to try and keep me

Am I that insignificant, or are you that afraid to show yourself?

It doesn’t matter anymore, numbness is too kind and answers too late.

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