I just wrote this to end my first chapter more sufficiently. Hope you like it 🙂

Lily sat staring out the window, still caught up in the daze from her morning with Luke. Vivid images of pavement covered in blood surrounded her, blocking out any view of the class room. A boy lay still, throat slit open wide,

What an unusual way to feed.

Lily searched the corners of her vision for any sign of an attacker, but she was the only one around. Bloody footsteps coming from the darkness behind her led straight to her feet.

Shaking hands came into view coated in dried blood, torn skin caught under nails. One hand covered her mouth, the other wrapped around her waist. Her name whispered in her ear.

One more time, louder and in a new voice. A hand shook the desk she leaned on.

Her teacher stood ab over her, his hands crossed. “You know, staying late won’t make up for you being ten minutes late.”

“Sorry, I guess I really zoned out. I’ll just grab my bag and head to my next class.”

“Don’t bother, I already called down and told them that you weren’t feeling well. And you weren’t zoned out. You were asleep, and crying.”

“What?” Lily touched her cheek, unaware it was wet.

“Look, I know there’s but a lot of things going on lately. And last nights’ tragedy. You aren’t typically late to class, so I won’t write you up for it. Just promise me that you’ll start putting more effort into your homework.”

“Yeah, of course.”

He let her go without any further conversation. As Lily walked down the the cafeteria she kept going back to whatever she was seeing before. But she still could identify who the person was that had grabbed her, Or even where they were. She was sure the boy she saw was the one that had died last night.

But how did the teacher know that was on my mind? Did I say something about it when I was crying?

It suddenly had become apparent no other teacher even offered help for any struggling students in mourning and no students mentioned it either.

“Things are getting strange.”

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