Lily’s episode

Here’s part of chapter one that I am still working on. Enjoy 🙂

Her eyes landed on a vase of dead flowers, drooping over the side of the glass, dropping useless petals. We’re just the same, aren’t we? Useless and forgotten.

A bitter taste that resembled blood had filled her mouth; a taste that she knew all too well. Swallowing only made the flavor worsen as it spread across her tongue, seeping into her taste buds.

It’s just an illusion. Nothing more.

She went over to the sink and splashed some cool water on her face, trying to break her  senses free from the trap the dream  had caught her in.

Forget him, I really do need to sleep. She told herself whatever she could in an attempt to calm her nerves. Lily looked at herself in the mirror.

If it’s just an illusion, then why am I still seeing his face? Its just an illusion. She repeated the words, still trying to deceive herself.

The taste of blood had not faded. When Lily looked up, she found a horrid sight. Blood was smudged across her mouth, and spread down her chin. Her eyes widened and she tried understanding where the blood was from. She stood alone and shaking, knowing that opening her mouth would only make her fears more real. Licking her lips washed away some of the blood, but not what had already seeped into her skin.

Something was pulled it her mouth, forcing her to open her mouth, revealing white fangs were stained with blood that coated her gums.

Her legs gave out on her and she pulled her legs to her chest. “No.” Softly begged herself, tears streaming down her face. “No. It´s not real. I didn’t do it. I swear.”Her body trembled as she sat on the floor, breathing heavy, fighting her  sobs. The taste was suddenly non-existent, as if it was all in her head.

Of course it is. There is no blood on my cloths, or my hands. It’s all in my head.

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