Sisters Bond

After fighting her way past Luke, Lily met her sister in her truck. She paused and looked at Betty before starting the truck.


Fingers tightened around the hot steering wheel as Lily turned forward, regretting gaining her sisters attention. “It’s nothing.”

“Fine.” Betty turned away from her and stared out the window with black headphones around her neck, ready to block her out.

Lily heard her, but was trying to collect herself again, Remaining silent Lily began to drive away from the curb.

The truck was quiet, with soft music in the background and gravel under the tires cracking as wheels stirred up dust.

Lily found herself stuck back at the house, thinking about what Luke had said. “You know, he was right.”

“Who was?” Betty faced her sister, putting a hand up to block the sun flowing in past Lily’s silhouette.

“Luke.” Lily didn’t turn to face her sister, but instead stared straight ahead. “About it being good you’re like mom, Not like dad, Not like me.”

“You really aren’t that bad, Not like dad was.”

“Don’t talk like he’s dead. He’s still alive, somewhere.” Tears glistened across her pupils, forcing her to blink rapidly to keep them from over flowing. “How can you act like he never cared?”

“After what he did? How can you forgive him Lily? He hurt you more than any of us.”

Lily stared at her through blurry eyes, “How many times did he stay up with you at the hospital. He loved us. Its not his fault. Black Wolf manipulated him!” She stared waiting for her sister to say anything. You could be back there tomorrow and if he knew I’m sure he’d be right by your side again.”

“I’m sorry Lily.”

“Yeah, me too.”

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