Another Time My Love

Its been dreadfully long since we spoke,

And suddenly we are,

Not as if nothing ever happened

You still haven’t forgiven me, and yet,

Are still talking to me,

Weeks after that first new text.

What is this new base?

The friendship you have given up on, long ago?

Or are you trying to back track to what we were?

Fate has us entwined again,

Tempting the thirst once more,

Leading us to another dead end

Moving on had been so hard,

Moving on from what was never anything true

Just exchanged passionate kisses,

Behind closed doors

Sneaked so that we weren’t discovered

How is it they’re had been such an impression

Engraved on my skin,

And in my soul

Take me back to that long drive

Where you slid that hand too high

And you gave me that look

The one that made me shudder when our eyes met

Take me back when I knew what I wanted

Not now when I’m still trying not to love you

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