Past and Decisions

Mid mornings are becoming gloomy and damp

Cooler weather setting in, chilling everything outside

Just as it did one year ago

When it chilled the air around is, as the ties between us crumbled away

Its getting to be my favorite time of year,

We had so many long talks, this time last year

Its just a month away from when you broke my trust in love

Pathways to you were tore away,

Keeping us apart

Now that its getting so close and only a year has passed

Your crossing my mind more frequently

Making me reminiscent and then,

Pushing me back to those days in cold dreams

Where I wake up with tears in my eyes

Not wanting to get up and accept what I have done

But today, you’ve made it so much worse

A random text, pushing me into the past with two options.

And I don’t know what to do

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