Sister Teasing

I’m trying to build the relationship between Lily and her sister rather than tell it. I would love some opinions on how I am doing.



Plopping herself on her queen size bed, she pulled out her phone and checked her texts.

One was from her sister, who should have been home before her. Instead of texting her back to dialed her number. It rang three times before her sister picked up.

“Why are you calling me?”

“You texted me, so I called you back.” A yawn escaped Lily’s mouth.

“Why didn’t you just text me back? It would have been easier.”

A short laugh slipped out. “That’s true, buit I thought it would be more fun to call you. Will you be home for dinner? Or is your boyfriend feeding you?”

“You’re so annoying. Yes I will be home for dinner. And I told you, he isn’t my boyfriend. He just hosts our study group.”

“Is that so?”  Lily could hear the group in the background discussing a math problem.

“I’ll see you at home okay?”

“Fine, Have fun with the nerds.”

Lily heard one last shut up and a click of the phone. She lauighed as she turned over. “Well, that was fun.”

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