When stopping at a gas station screws you

The usual girl was working the counter. Her familiar face was pleasant but the empty look in her eyes made her difficult to read. Lily stood at the counter with her potatoes chips and coke.

Is she always that pale? No I don’t think so. But her body seem weaker.
The girls legs shook slightly under the simple weight of holding her body up. She was always the only one who could keep up with Lily in gym. But today, the girl behind the counter seemed exhausted. Dead arms hung at her side

Nothing about her appearance was different other than her tired legs and arms. Her store shirt was freshly cleaned and skinny jeans clean without any tears. . Her heavy eyeliner was smudged on both the bottom and the top lids.

She looks normal. Aside from her pale lips.

The girl reached her hand out with the change. “Two dollars and fifty-nine cents is your change. Thanks for coming in today.” Her breath reeked of blood. But she herself wasn’t one of them.

Looking in the girl’s eyes, Lily could feel the poisonous lust. A vampire?

No way. Vampires haven’t been around the area. One must have been feeding off her. But why?

Two light marks on her forearm were mostly healed by now, but had at one point been deep down to the veins.

A vampire definitely had been near her. It hadn’t taken much just enough to soothe the thirst.

A sudden pain went through Lily. Her mouth watered as the sweet smell filled her lungs. Something was churning within her, grasping at her; tearing at her humanity. Lily closed her eyes to ease her dizziness. All she could see was blood. When she opened her eyes the girl had her hand out, waiting for Lily to accept the change. The vein on her wrist was far too tempting. She had to get away from the girl. Lily took the money and left without saying a word to the girl.

Once in her truck Lily began to calm down. Damn what was that? I don’t get it. What was that feeling? Lily looked down at her lap. The scent of blood was a shock. I thought that had stopped. Was it last night’s dream?

After taking a few deep breaths, she attempted to drive the rest of the way home. The pain in her chest was becoming unbearable and forced her to pull over to let her body relax. It should have taken her five minutes to get home from the station, but the scent of the blood seemed to be lingering in her nose. It was hopeless trying to fight it. Her thirst was emerging from its long slumber, now ready for action.

Her breathing was becoming increasingly difficult. Leaning over, Lily managed to pull the can out from under her seat. Blood tablets; the red circular pills smelled similar to the real thing but the taste wasn’t as sweet. There was just enough to calm her.

It had been over a year since she had to take one. She believed she had diminished that part of her long ago. The realization that it still clung to her brought her deeper into the black.

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