Tension on the roof

Its still really rough, I haven’t edited this far into my book but I love this part.




When both Wolf Vein and Lily both were comfortable leaning next to her window, Lily started the conversation.

“Stop staring at me and tell me what you need to discuss.” She could see that there was some longing in his eyes. For what, she didn’t know.

He simply smiled and said, “Do you remember that purple flower I gave you when we were kids? We were alone under the old oak trees.”

“I don’t know. I guess so, what about it?”
Wolf Vein smiled at himself. He looked past her thinking about the old memory. “You held onto that flower until it died.”
“Is that what you wanted to do; to go down memory lane? That’s what was so important?”
“Oh well actually I don’t need to talk. I just really wanted to spend some quality time with you and if that includes memory lane then so be it.” He grabbed her hand before she knew what to do. Her reaction time was still behind his as she struggled to get her fingers free from the grip.

“Are you kidding me?” She pulled her hand way and turned her head to face away from him. Looking in his eyes could be dangerous. He was a master of mind games. He was a dangerous enemy of emotions.

Her hair blew in the wind pushing her scent his was. The sweet essence filled his lungs encouraging him to scoot closer. But like it was a game, Lily scooted away from him instinctively.

Though it stung his heart when she avoided contact with him, Wolf Vein loved watching her. To him, she was a mouse in a cats trap. That’s the way it had always been and the power he gained over her was addictive. Toying with her like this was a game he knew only he could win.

The game they played didn’t have a level playing field and didn’t allow Lily to toy with him in return. His skin was much thicker than hers, giving her no affect on him, not anymore. Things had changed far too much for such vulnerability between the two broken hearts.

“Yeah, sorry I couldn’t resist it.” He smirked and began to say something but, Lily cut him off.

“What the hell Wolf Vein. Why is it you always mess with me? You should put effort into more important things than your little game.” She felt the urge to slap him but, kept it inside. Earlier it was clear something bad was happening and Luke’s warning to her, telling her to take control only made things seem more serious.

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