Life Advice

Last night I received the best advice. It wasn’t the life changing kind, I don’t suddenly have the answers to all the why’s and if’s of life. But I do have a place to start.

The person giving me my advice understands me better than anyone. I can say anything to them without being called dumb, or give it up. They say I can do what I want. I just need to start.

Last night they gave me the best advice. It’s simple really, the words they spoke. It’s the way they spoke them, with sincerity and belief. They told me that I have great potential in my writing.They told me to stop writing to be published. But write instead, to just write because it’s what I am passionate about.

I know it sounds like common sense. But lately I have felt hopeless, trying to edit and perfect what I have already written.

Just write everyday. There’s no one who can just write randomly for an hour and have a publishable piece.

They always has a way about making me feel more confident in myself. I know I need to do that fro myself, but I still feel I need his support.

So I am going to write once a day, or try. It may not all be on here. And it may not all make sense or be readable. And that’s okay. I won’t get better wishing for it.


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