Sending time again.

I think that I am going to start sending out Angels Fall for Devils. IN my own opinion, (I could be wrong) it flows far better than Red Eyes does. I am going to do some editing first. And just to remind you what following this blog has gotten you into, here’s the first two edited slightly pages of Angels Fall for Devils. Enjoy 🙂



Light filled the room with early morning sun. Laying in bed, Lucifer Night wiped his face. Shifting to his side, he looked at the clock on his dresser; quarter of seven. He had to be in class at eight. Regrettably he forced himself to sit upright on his small bed.

Lucifer rummaged through the pile of cloths at the end of the bed. With little variety he picked a pair of black pants and his favorite shirt. Go to your grave was clearly etched across his chest, with a long forgotten cracked gravestone with a  graying skull directly under it.

Lucifer turned around, scanning his room for his wallet and chain. Pulling them from the pants he wore the night before, he was ready for school.

Passing his electric guitar and amp, he double checked that both were unplugged. The old wiring was known for sparking and a fire was the last thing that he needed.

On his way out the front he paused outside his mothers door, quietly asleep with a bucket by the bed, a puddle drying and crusting around the base. Too tired to be grossed out, he just shook his head and grabbed his keys to his black Volkswagen.

Sitting in his car, he was once again, alone and with one swift click death metal blasted through the speakers into his ears, sending deep into his own world, engulfed in bitter angst.
Driving through the small town took little time, despite living in the last apartment before the next town. The road was clear of passing cars, leaving his street quiet and empty.

* * * *

The parking lot was almost full, so he had to drive around for a while. Lucifer had no luck with the first two rows, but he spotted a empty space in the third row. After finally getting his spot, walking up from the parking lot, Lucifer could see the football guys crowded.

Must be a new girl. Probably just another snobby one. Lucifer let himself try to peer through the crowd, just for curiosity’s sake. If it is a new girl, then in a few days she would be seeing one of the football jocks and going out for cheer leading. That’s assuming she’s cute. Based off the crowd, Lucifer assumed that to be the case.

Putting his head phones on, he drowned out the boisterous teenagers. He didn’t want to hear them gushing over their new target. He already would have to deal with everyone talking about her,  and he was certain he’d see her at prom with some senior, being named prom queen.

The girl doesn’t even have a chance.

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