Marietta the A student

So I am trying to focus on weaving the detail into the progressing story, rather than ranting for a paragraph at a time, force feeding my reader- or reader ;). anyways, this is what it was:

Everything came incredibly easy for her. Back home Delilah had her study three hours every morning, covering everything from chemistry to geometry. Her entire childhood was in preparation for her future. Latin was her secondary language. Her ease in her classes was clearly thanks to Delilah’s strict rules when it came to studying.

And this is what it is now:

“Lucifer!” When he heard his name he spun and saw Marietta grinning, standing behind him.

“Oh, hey.”

“You should eat here today. I don’t feel like eating alone. So you should eat with me. Please?”

Lucifer looked around. A few people were watching them. Feeling stuck, he agreed.

Grabbing his hand, Marietta led him to the table near the back corner where few people would likely be.

This way we can be alone, and no one can interrupt us. Now he has no choice. He has to open up to me.

“So how are your classes going? You’ve been here for what, two weeks now?”

“Tomorrow will be two weeks. And so far, everything has been incredibly easy. When I was still back home Delilah, my sister, had me study three hours every morning. She had me reading everything. I read so many books about chemistry and geometry I thought my head was going to explode.”

Turning to her, he smiled at the nostalgia look on her face, the way we mouth curved slightly at the corners, barely noticeable from a distance.

“My entire childhood was in preparation for the future. As soon as I turned eight I was choosing a her secondary language.

“It was Latin, right?” He wanted her to keep talking, to keep smiling like she did.

“Yes it is. You remembered from walking me to class my first day didn’t you?” She stepped closer, letting their arms brush gently against each others arms as she kept a firm grip on his hand.

He had forgotten she had hold of it still, and squeezed back before letting go. She didn’t fight the loosening grip, just let the fingers slide form hers and kept on talking.

“ If it weren’t for Delilah’s strict rules about my studies, I would be a failing student.”

“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with failing students. We simply have talents that classes fail to focus on.” He sat down at the bench they had made their usual table.

“Oh, is that what you’re telling yourself these days? What a nice excuse you have given yourself.” She pushed him over to make room for herself, crossing her legs once seated beside him, like a proper lady should when wearing a skirt.

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