Meet the Queen of Angels

When they reached the far side Marietta stopped in front of three large steps. A woman sat in a grand chair on the top step. The keepers took their spots on either side of the stairs and went down on there knees to bow before the woman. Marietta did not follow their cue. She stood and stared at the woman. Her beauty was undeniable and her influence was far greater. She was the Queen of the Angels. She was their everything.

“Marietta, come closer.” With a few steps, she followed the Queens command. “You have failed you’re job. You failed to purify Lucifer Night. And now his father has found him and will undoubtedly release his powers and use Lucifer to take over earth. What do you have to say before you’re given punishment?”

Marietta kept her head low. “I have nothing to say.” She gave no apology. There was no need. It wouldn’t have done her any good.

“You are your mother’s daughter. When she came here she did not speak either. Except she was smart and begged for her life. She begged me to allow her to live. Will you do the same?”

Choosing her words carefully Marietta answered the Queen’s question. “No. I will not beg for my life. I know I must repent for my sins. I will give you my wings with no argument.”

The queen smiled and let a small laugh escape her mouth. “I will not be taking your wings.” Marietta looked up, astonished by the Queens forgiveness. “But you must make this right. You will find Lucifer and purify him before his powers are brought to the surface.”
“That will kill him!” Marietta’s fear showed in her words.

Nothing would change the Queen’s decision. “It cannot be helped. You will purify him and the world will be rid of him. He will be chained in punishment forever.”

The image of Lucifer being in a cage chained and alone burned in her mind. Once purified he would be dead already and starvation would not end the pain he would feel. Purifying was not the word for what would happen to him. Torture fit the meaning far better.

“So be it then. I will purify him.” She let her eyes lay upon the Queen. There was nothing she could do. Lucifer had to die.

Marietta turned to leave, but the Queen had one last warning to give her. “You don’t want to end up like you’re mother. Do not fail me this time.”

That was the last words from her Marietta heard. The door shut and she was outside and alone. They were sure to be watching her until she does it.

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