New Companion

I wanted to use a symbol for Marietta’s father, so of course for the imprisoned Devil I chose a black cat.


The keepers brought her to a small cottage. There was nothing beautiful about this place. Dead plants lined the porch and old brittle flowers sat in web covered pots. When they stepped onto the porch the floor boards cried for relief from the pressure.

Inside was small and cramped and made up of only three simple rooms. The kitchen was barely recognizable. The fridge and oven were so old Marietta doubted they worked.

An old wooden table was turned over on its side with two chairs still standing strong on either side. Marietta could only imagine what fight had taken place sending the table to the ground. Peering past it, a shattered vase lay on the ground, with dead roses still in a ribbon.

“Your mother made quite a mess when we brought her here. Please do not do the same.” The keeper stared her down, threatening actions Marietta found herself too weak to commit.

“I wouldn’t have the reason to.”

A keeper standing a few feet behind her spok “She didn’t either.”

“Then why did she?”, speaking with no emotion cuaght the first keepers attention.

He leaned in against her ear. “She did it when we told her the man she loved was dead.”

She stood solid, without an sign of sadness Staring at the roses, Wilted for so long, dead with no chance of blooming.

A loud screach came from under behind the stove as a keeper swung an old witch style broom at an invisible enemy.

“Calm down. Its just a cat.” She pushed past the keepers and scooped it up, wrapping her arms around it tightly. It stopped scratching when she pulled it close. SHe looked down at her new found friend and it intensly stared back, following her every movement with its eyes

“That damn cat is still here. Will he never die.”

“What do you mean?”

“That cat has been in here since the first Queen lived in here. He was her only companion she allowed to live here with her.”

Marietta spoke to the cat, forgetting the others were there. “Then you knew my mother as well”

The first kepper spoke on last time  “You’ll be staying here until it’s time. You cannot leave with out a keeper, so don’t try to escape.”

“I wouldn’t even bother.”

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