Marietta Speaks to cats

As she walked along the kitchen cabinets checking for food supplies, the cat stayed in pace with her. Bowls and plates were in the cabinet closest to the refrigerator. The other was filled with drinking glasses and coffee mugs. She continued looking the the next few, hoping they were kind enough to leave her some sort of food. In the Cabinet closest to the stove the top shelf was filled with two boxes of cereal and sugar. Below them were canned vegetables and canned soups.

Marietta returned to the refrigerator, this time opening it. There was a limited contents. A few eggs were left for breakfast and hamburger for dinner. A bowl of lettuce was on the bottom rack. There was enough for the few days she had to live in the shambled cottage.

“It’s not like I could walk to the store.” She sat on the one chair in the room and looked at the cat now perching on the freshly cleaned counter top. “I used to be able to walk to the store everyday. I could even stop by the garage.”

The memories of working with Lucifer were painful but she let them come to mind unfiltered. Every gentle push, every moment of laughter came rushing in. Tears welled in her eyes and overflowed down her face. “Stupid me. I fell in love and am now getting punished for it. I didn’t even get to tell him I love him.”

Her tears were dried by a furry face. She opened her eyes to see the cat rubbing his head against her cheek. Soft purrs calmed shaking fingers and she pulled him closer.
The comforting lasted for only so long before he hopped off her lap. He bounded over the to the doorway and entered the bedroom with Marietta only a few paces behind.

She looked down at her four legged friend. “Just as I thought, this place is a mess.”

The bed was worn out and the single blanket was dusty and torn. That was simple to fix. She brought the blanket out onto the porch and hung it over the banister. Making a small fist she punched the blanket and let the dust filled the air.

Once satisfied, Marietta laid it back on the bed. A small chest, to which was the cats new seat, was at the end of the bed. Squatting beside to antique, she pulled the cat off of it.

“I can’t open it if you’re sitting on it.”

The iron hinges squeaked as she opened it. Inside laid the last outfit Lucifer would see her in. A white dress was neatly folded. She pulled the dress out and held it to herself. She was lucky the small mirror on the wall was not shattered like all the windows seemed to be.
The dress fit perfectly. A golden rope wrapped around her waste and tied in the back. The dress hem reached just above her knees and seemed to be awfully short for a dress for an angel. The straps wrapped around her neck to that when she needed to she could reveal her wings. White laced cloves that reached up to her elbows laid in the bottom of the chest next to a small orb.

Marietta closed her eyes. This was all too real. The orb would do the job. When she releases it’s light his soul will be absorbed. He will no longer exist in any world. All that will be left is his shattered memory.

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3 Responses to Marietta Speaks to cats

  1. Strong emotion in this write. I really enjoyed the line “Her tears were dried by a furry face.” Great imagery!

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