Playing the Game

The teacher was giving another lesson that Lucifer failed to find the useful. But, Marietta on the other hand, was taking it all in. He had never seen such an organized notebook.

Each page was dated and given a title. Any vocabulary was highlighted with the definition right next to it.

Who is this girl?

She was still so strange, the way that she did exactly what was expected. She never took her eyes off her textbook, unless she was writing her own text book in her notebook. Or if she was looking at Lucifer.

And once again she was.

“Do you have to look at me like that?” He stared her down, daring for a snide answer.

“Maybe I like looking at you. You have decent qualities you know.” She spoke so matter of fact like it gave him a chill.

“Oh is that so? Now, I don’t think your boyfriend would like you to say that to another guy. Especially me.” Her cheeks looked more pink than usual and she was dressed in a rather skirt for her, It hit mid thigh, like the skirts all the other girls wore. How could he have changed her this much already?

“That’s funny.” He looked at her as she smiled to herself more than him.

“How is that funny?” It was a strange answer. Most girl wouldn’t laugh at his snide comment. Most would smack him. But then again, she wasn’t most girls.

“It’s funny because he isn’t my boyfriend. We’re friends and I just happened to enjoy spending time with him. He happens to like doing things other than listen to loud music and ditch class.”

He went to argue with her, but stopped. She winked at him, keeping him from saying anything to her.

“Besides, why would I date him? I already have my eyes set on someone.”

He watched her start a new page of notes. Her legs uncrossed and crossed again. She seems anxious. She pulled at the hem of her skirt and let it slide up her leg further. Lucifer instantly felt his cheeks get warmer and he went back to his assignment. Out of the corner of his eye he could see her, smirking his way and pullign her skirt back down.

What the hell game is she playing? No, why is she playing?

Concentrating was impossible with Marietta next to him. She was making him more uneasy than usual, teasing him and acting so casual about her relationship with Chad.

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