Suggestions from my Editor

This is what I have for it


“I’m just telling the truth. You need to talk to someone outside the band.”

“That’s none of your concern Tool.”

Marietta looked at both of them and laughed uncomfortably.

Stepping toward her Tool continued his teasing “See, I don’t think she minds my suggestion. Won’t you come to one of our practices? You wouldn’t be the only girl. We have a few others that come and watch” Tool grinned at her.

Lucefer put his arm in freont of ATool, keeping him from steppibng any closer to Marietta. “I dont think she would have in interest in going. She would stand out from the group.”

“Lucifer proabbly has a point.” She hesitated with her smile, almost like she was disappointed.”Besides, I don’t think I own enough black for you guys.” Her eyes landed on his black torn extra tight jeans, which showed how skinny he was.

Tool laughed at her, flipping his long fire red hair out of his face so that only his right eye was covered. “You don’t have to dress our style to fit in with us. I just thought with how you have attached yourself to Lucifer after just meeting him two days ago that maybe you liked him.”

Marietta’s face turned bright red and Lucifer stepped in. “Tool that’s enough. I doubt she’d want to be seen in public with either of us.” He knew Tool’s point wasn’t about both of them but he did not want to acknowledge the suggestion. “Besides, your the ladies man remember.”

“Yes, that’s true.” Tool counters with his own turning of topic. “She hasn’t seem to noticed how attractive I am.”

“ Well Tool, you  would be handsome, but the metal in your lip isn’t very attractive. Thank goodness Lucifer doesn’t have one or he would have no chance either.”

Both the guys stared at her. Lucifer smiled, more than happy to hear she can handle Tool says to her. “That should teach you to not cross boundaries, now shouldn’t it Tool?”

“Oh, bite me Lucifer.”  Tool shoved him in the shoulder

The guys were still arguing back and forth. Lucifer noticed that Marietta had  burst out laughing as he had a hold of Tool wrists keeping him from jabbing at him more.

Lucifer turned, the annoyed look on his face was grim. “What are you laughing about?”

“Oh nothing. You two are just funny to watch.”

Lucifer let his eyes fall on her. “Is that so? Is that what you’re thinking about?”

“No.” She smiled at him more eagerly and Lucifer noticed an extra shine in her eyes. “I was just thinking that maybe staying here won’t be so bad after all.”

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