Red flags of manipulation

When the window opened an old man stood behind it, asking for their orders. Chad spoke up first, “I’ll have a chocolate and vanilla swirl. No sprinkles.” He turned to her waiting for her order.

“Oh, um, chocolate please.”

The man looked down at her. “Any sprinkles?”

Marietta slowly shook her head no and scrambled in her purse for the correct change. An elbow nudged her and broke her count. Chad handed her a cone with a mountain of ice cream.

He smiled as she went to hand him her share. “No, I told you I was buying.”

“Are you sure?” She felt guilty just accepting it.

“Yes, I’m sure.”

Marietta didn’t bother to argue further. He was as stubborn as Lucifer.


The first lick of her ice cream, sent a throbbing right to her head. There was a thickening in her scalp and a burn on the roof of her mouth. She nearly dropped her cone from the unknown pain that now engulfed her brain.

After watching her struggle, Chad nearly toppled over laughing. “What? Have you never had brain freeze before?”

“No!” She, herself, began to laugh with him. It must have been funny, watching her reaction. His laughter was too contagious to ignore.

When they both calmed down they finished their ice cream in silence, Chad watching her with an eager smile and Marrietta pretending not to notice.

“That was really good.” The corners of her mouth turned upslighlty. “Thank you so much for convincing me to go. It was a nice treat.”

“I’m glad you’re happy.” Chad took a slight step closer and bent foreward to meet her eyes. “See, now am I really that terrible?”

She laughed at his blunt question, “No, you’re not. I’m sorry for being so cautious.”

“Oh I don’t blame you. Especially after meeting guys like Tool and Lucifer.”

Marietta stopped smiling and pulled away from his gaze. “What do you mean by after meeting guys like Tool and Lucifer?”

“Oh I just mean that they aren’t the best examples of gentlemen.”

“How so?” Her persistence was evident as she tugged at Chad’s arm when he hesitated to answer her.

“It’s just that guys like them don’t know how to treat a girl like you.”

“How do you think guys like them would treat me?” Her tone was changing, her feelings were making her defensive.

Chad gave her a once over and gave her a bit more space. “Guys like them would just take advantage of you. I can assure you, neither of them have decent intentions when it comes to you. A pretty girl makes a good target.”

Marietta leaned back on the bench, tossing his warning back and forth in her head. He could be lying, to keep her to himself or he could be giving a truthful warning. Tool had given her an eerie vibe, but Lucifer had not. Lucifer just made her curious.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Her knod full of assurance, but her gut- not so trusting.

Marietta walked back to the school with Chad and from there said goodbye. After watching him leave in his car, she turned and began her walk home. It was already later than she had wanted it to be when she left but, it couldn’t be helped.

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Marietta Speaks to cats

As she walked along the kitchen cabinets checking for food supplies, the cat stayed in pace with her. Bowls and plates were in the cabinet closest to the refrigerator. The other was filled with drinking glasses and coffee mugs. She continued looking the the next few, hoping they were kind enough to leave her some sort of food. In the Cabinet closest to the stove the top shelf was filled with two boxes of cereal and sugar. Below them were canned vegetables and canned soups.

Marietta returned to the refrigerator, this time opening it. There was a limited contents. A few eggs were left for breakfast and hamburger for dinner. A bowl of lettuce was on the bottom rack. There was enough for the few days she had to live in the shambled cottage.

“It’s not like I could walk to the store.” She sat on the one chair in the room and looked at the cat now perching on the freshly cleaned counter top. “I used to be able to walk to the store everyday. I could even stop by the garage.”

The memories of working with Lucifer were painful but she let them come to mind unfiltered. Every gentle push, every moment of laughter came rushing in. Tears welled in her eyes and overflowed down her face. “Stupid me. I fell in love and am now getting punished for it. I didn’t even get to tell him I love him.”

Her tears were dried by a furry face. She opened her eyes to see the cat rubbing his head against her cheek. Soft purrs calmed shaking fingers and she pulled him closer.
The comforting lasted for only so long before he hopped off her lap. He bounded over the to the doorway and entered the bedroom with Marietta only a few paces behind.

She looked down at her four legged friend. “Just as I thought, this place is a mess.”

The bed was worn out and the single blanket was dusty and torn. That was simple to fix. She brought the blanket out onto the porch and hung it over the banister. Making a small fist she punched the blanket and let the dust filled the air.

Once satisfied, Marietta laid it back on the bed. A small chest, to which was the cats new seat, was at the end of the bed. Squatting beside to antique, she pulled the cat off of it.

“I can’t open it if you’re sitting on it.”

The iron hinges squeaked as she opened it. Inside laid the last outfit Lucifer would see her in. A white dress was neatly folded. She pulled the dress out and held it to herself. She was lucky the small mirror on the wall was not shattered like all the windows seemed to be.
The dress fit perfectly. A golden rope wrapped around her waste and tied in the back. The dress hem reached just above her knees and seemed to be awfully short for a dress for an angel. The straps wrapped around her neck to that when she needed to she could reveal her wings. White laced cloves that reached up to her elbows laid in the bottom of the chest next to a small orb.

Marietta closed her eyes. This was all too real. The orb would do the job. When she releases it’s light his soul will be absorbed. He will no longer exist in any world. All that will be left is his shattered memory.

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New Companion

I wanted to use a symbol for Marietta’s father, so of course for the imprisoned Devil I chose a black cat.


The keepers brought her to a small cottage. There was nothing beautiful about this place. Dead plants lined the porch and old brittle flowers sat in web covered pots. When they stepped onto the porch the floor boards cried for relief from the pressure.

Inside was small and cramped and made up of only three simple rooms. The kitchen was barely recognizable. The fridge and oven were so old Marietta doubted they worked.

An old wooden table was turned over on its side with two chairs still standing strong on either side. Marietta could only imagine what fight had taken place sending the table to the ground. Peering past it, a shattered vase lay on the ground, with dead roses still in a ribbon.

“Your mother made quite a mess when we brought her here. Please do not do the same.” The keeper stared her down, threatening actions Marietta found herself too weak to commit.

“I wouldn’t have the reason to.”

A keeper standing a few feet behind her spok “She didn’t either.”

“Then why did she?”, speaking with no emotion cuaght the first keepers attention.

He leaned in against her ear. “She did it when we told her the man she loved was dead.”

She stood solid, without an sign of sadness Staring at the roses, Wilted for so long, dead with no chance of blooming.

A loud screach came from under behind the stove as a keeper swung an old witch style broom at an invisible enemy.

“Calm down. Its just a cat.” She pushed past the keepers and scooped it up, wrapping her arms around it tightly. It stopped scratching when she pulled it close. SHe looked down at her new found friend and it intensly stared back, following her every movement with its eyes

“That damn cat is still here. Will he never die.”

“What do you mean?”

“That cat has been in here since the first Queen lived in here. He was her only companion she allowed to live here with her.”

Marietta spoke to the cat, forgetting the others were there. “Then you knew my mother as well”

The first kepper spoke on last time  “You’ll be staying here until it’s time. You cannot leave with out a keeper, so don’t try to escape.”

“I wouldn’t even bother.”

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Twisted Sides: Heaven and Hell

“Hell may not always be as forgiving as Heaven is. But Hell is far less cruel. His punishment traps him here but allows him to heal. Heaven keeps the wound open.”

– Lucifer’s Father

Angels Fall For Devils


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Meet the Queen of Angels

When they reached the far side Marietta stopped in front of three large steps. A woman sat in a grand chair on the top step. The keepers took their spots on either side of the stairs and went down on there knees to bow before the woman. Marietta did not follow their cue. She stood and stared at the woman. Her beauty was undeniable and her influence was far greater. She was the Queen of the Angels. She was their everything.

“Marietta, come closer.” With a few steps, she followed the Queens command. “You have failed you’re job. You failed to purify Lucifer Night. And now his father has found him and will undoubtedly release his powers and use Lucifer to take over earth. What do you have to say before you’re given punishment?”

Marietta kept her head low. “I have nothing to say.” She gave no apology. There was no need. It wouldn’t have done her any good.

“You are your mother’s daughter. When she came here she did not speak either. Except she was smart and begged for her life. She begged me to allow her to live. Will you do the same?”

Choosing her words carefully Marietta answered the Queen’s question. “No. I will not beg for my life. I know I must repent for my sins. I will give you my wings with no argument.”

The queen smiled and let a small laugh escape her mouth. “I will not be taking your wings.” Marietta looked up, astonished by the Queens forgiveness. “But you must make this right. You will find Lucifer and purify him before his powers are brought to the surface.”
“That will kill him!” Marietta’s fear showed in her words.

Nothing would change the Queen’s decision. “It cannot be helped. You will purify him and the world will be rid of him. He will be chained in punishment forever.”

The image of Lucifer being in a cage chained and alone burned in her mind. Once purified he would be dead already and starvation would not end the pain he would feel. Purifying was not the word for what would happen to him. Torture fit the meaning far better.

“So be it then. I will purify him.” She let her eyes lay upon the Queen. There was nothing she could do. Lucifer had to die.

Marietta turned to leave, but the Queen had one last warning to give her. “You don’t want to end up like you’re mother. Do not fail me this time.”

That was the last words from her Marietta heard. The door shut and she was outside and alone. They were sure to be watching her until she does it.

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From a broken heart come far more beauty


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Shattered Eyes Bleed the Deepest Red


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